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About Me.

I have always loved DIY jobs.  I have done everything from putting up drywall to laying sod.  I love to paint, fix anything that is broken (including electronics), and I love to help people feel better about something that is bothering them.  I have worked in lending and banking for almost 25 years but have always wanted to work on home improvements and just making things look and work "right".

I recently left a job to start working construction for someone who I thought was a good person, but sadly they weren't. So after looking to work for someone else again, I decided to start my own company.  A place where I can decide how to treat people well and to make customers feel like friends.  I will always work my hardest to make you happy with any job that I may do and I am very fair and honest.

I live in Montgomery County with my son, and family, including 8 amazing pets.  So I'm not afraid to come into anyone's home and I'm not afraid to tell you if I can't do something.  If I can't do it myself, I'll help  you find someone who can.  If you need home improvements, renovations or anything that I offer please call or email (or book online) to make an appointment.  Let's work together to make your home (and life) a little more enjoyable!


Your One stop-shop for all of your home's (and family's) needs!!


Home Care, Repair and Improvement Services

Let's face it, being a homeowner isn't easy.  Not only do you need the essentials like furniture, organization and items to help you function but things have a tendency to go wrong, ALOT!

That is where I come in!  Whether it be a simple thing like changing a door knob or a more complex project like changing the color theme of your home, I'm here to help.   I have a passion for helping you feel comfortable and happy in your space.

According to the American Time Use Survey, people spend 62% of their time at home.  Shouldn't it be good times? Times that you enjoy? Spending it with your family? Having fun?  Yes! 

So let me worry about the cleaning, repairing, assembling, installing and any other thing that would take time away from your enjoyment and peace of mind.  I'll even cook! 


                    Miss Mend It is your One-stop Shop for all of your home's (and family's) needs! 

Some Services Offered

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Miss Mend It LLC offers a wide range of repair, maintenance and home care services.  I specialize in your home's needs, such as repairing, electrical, carpentry, painting and much more - all with free estimates.   Contact me to find out how I can help you with your home maintenance needs.

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